Montana Wine & Spirits - Blanton’s Single Barrel Select

We’ve partnered with Montana Spirits & Wine to launch their latest single barrel pick of whiskey.  On Thursday, October 10th from 4 pm – 6 pm, we will host a private ticketed event during which we will unveil our new Single Barrel Select of Blanton’s.  This whiskey was barreled in November 2012.  It has been stored in the famed Warehouse H at the Buffalo Trace Distillery, and it arrived in their store last week.

There are only 40 tickets available for this event.  Each ticket is $40, and ticket entitles you to the following:

  1. Admission for 1 person to the event (must be at least 21 years of age).

  2. Sample tasting pour of MS&W’s new “Single Barrel Select” store pick Blanton’s barrel.

  3. One two ounce neat pour or cocktail made with the new “Single Barrel Select” Blanton’s.

  4. Discussion on tasting notes (5:30-6pm).

  5. Appetizer buffet.

  6. “Chip” to purchase one bottle MS&W’s new “Single Barrel Select” store pick Blanton’s barrel. Each ticket holder will get a chip at the event, and can come to our store any time after the event to purchase your bottle of Blanton’s. To be clear the bottle will be purchased separately at our normal price for Blanton’s of $64.95 (but you are guaranteed one of the bottles from this 2019 Single Barrel Select).

  7. Raffle ticket entry good for two drawings: (1) $50 gift card from Copper, and (2) the actual Blanton’s whiskey barrel.

If you want to be the first to buy one of this new whiskey, then join us on Thursday, October 10th.

These events are not designed to make money.  Our goals rather are to cover part of the costs with the admission tickets (and to control and limit access), and more importantly to invest in sharing unique offerings in a great setting.

Blanton's Single Barrel Release
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